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Clients Complaints procedure

Our main aims are::

  • To ensure that you are  satisfied that the complaint has been dealt with seriously 
  • That you get a prompt response 
  • That you are  assured that the matter is being reviewed 
  • That you are notified as soon as possible of the outcome
  • That we learn from your and other complaints how to improve 

First of all we will ask you to try and resolve your complaint with the fee earner concerned.  If this cannot be done or you have already tried and are still not satisfied then your complaint will be dealt with by our Senior Partner, Narinder Moss or if it concerns her by Gil Spurling. Narinder may ask other senior staff to assist her.

All complaints will receive a final response within six weeks of the complaint being made and in most cases we aim to conclude our investigations within three weeks.

We aim to keep our complaints procedure straightforward and with as few steps possible. On receipt of your complaint we will open a complaint file.

  1. We will read your complaint and your legal case file will be looked at.
  2. We will request any additional details from you either in writing or by interview or telephone. If the complaint can be dealt with on the file alone this will be done. The fee earner may also be seen and asked for their views.
  3. If the complaint is found to be justified then one or more of the remedies below will be offered to you:
  •  If the problem you have complained about can be remedied then we will do so at once and let you know of any changes made to our systems as a result
  • We will offer you an apology and an assurance that it will not happen again, and that we will try to do better.
  • If you are paying privately  a reduction in the bill or abatement of the whole bill 
  • We may decide to offer to pay you a sum in compensation for inadequate service           

If we do not consider the complaint to be justified we will:

  • Write to you with a full explanation as to why the Complaint has not been upheld and notify you of your right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman within the applicable time limits if not satisfied with our final response. 

We will have noted on your Initial Instructions form any Special requirements or needs you have.  If you prefer any particular way of communicating with us then please let us know so that we can take this into account when dealing with your complaint.

You will be kept informed at all stages of the process.


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