Making police compensation claims

Moss and Co have been instructed in over 600 cases involving police compensation claims and allegations of misconduct against police officers.  We have a thriving criminal department which has been established over 21 years and have always sought to assert our clients’ rights when they have been wrongly arrested and prosecuted.

We have particular expertise in bringing claims for compensation against the Metropolitan Police for false imprisonment, assault and malicious prosecution.  These claims are mostly brought in the County Court and where false imprisonment is alleged the claimant has a right to request that the case be heard by a jury.  Examples of the type of case we can bring can be found in our cases section where there is a selection of cases we have conducted.


Do you have a claim?

We will assess your case free of charge if you call us or send us an email.  We cannot promise to take every case on as the law and evidence requirements are complex.  The first step if you do seem to have an arguable case is for us to assess the merits with you.  This will involve a visit to the office. Legal Help may be available in the early stages to assist with a complaint or if the time for complaining has expired to prepare a letter before claim.

In almost all cases where proceedings have to be issued legal Aid will be required. This is because the conduct of these claims is expensive and the claimant also needs to have the protection against paying the other sides costs that a legal aid certificate gives. If you think you have a  claim please call us to see if we can help.


We cover all criminal offences but have special expertise in investigations and prosecutions for:

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Criminal cases fixed fees We have conducted thousands of criminal cases and developed our hourly rates and fixed fees based on this experience. You can be certain that your costs will be no more than what we estimate or have agreed with you in writing. View fees