Benefits appeals and investigations fees

We understand you need to be sure how our fees are charged before you instruct us.

We operate a transparent and affordable pricing structure for the following cases: .

  • Housing Fraud Investigations
  • Benefit Fraud Investigation
  • DLA Appeals
  • ESA Appeals
  • PIP Appeals
  • Over-payment cases for Child Tax Credit and all other benefits


Type of service . Not all cases are suitable for fixed fees. Cases not on fixed fees are charged at hourly rates. Estimates will be provided.  Fees as of 13 January 2020. We accept payment by Card and internet banking. ) Cost (Exc VAT)
Benefits or Housing  fraud investigations interview under caution  fixed fee – taking full instructions at our office or by telephone, advise on documents  and attend with you for one interview: Negotiation and letters after interview are charged at an hourly rate  which for an associate solicitor is:

Hourly rate for assistant solicitor – £175.




Short  Advice: Attend you once and provide a single short written advice as to your prospects in ESA,  DLA  or PIP appeals inc interview in person,  by phone or Skype.

Thereafter either the hourly rate of £175 or Benefit Investigation fixed fee as above.





 Preparing submissions  and evidence for use in an  ESA, DLA or PIP appeals and over-payment cases excluding Tribunal hearing. (Depending on complexity). Case will be assessed and fee indicated. £175 per hour
 Appearing at Tribunal 1/2 day

Full day



 NB: Clients are responsible for paying the fees for other professionals, including doctors, medical experts and interpreters, if they are required.

Some cases are not suitable for fixed fees or need more work once the agreed fixed fee work has been done. Our hourly rates are very competitive.


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