Benefits Investigations and Prosecutions

ESA and DLA appeals

Our solicitors are experts at Benefit Law and so best placed to help clients under Benefits Investigation. If you receive a letter from the DWP or Council asking you to come in for interview bring it to us at once. We will advise you how best to proceed.

Benefits Investigations and Prosecutions Service

Have a look at our recent cases and our Blog for examples of how we have helped Benefits Investigation clients. Every case is different but we have in depth experience of dealing with hundreds of these matters and we will be pleased to give you the benefit of our experience and skill.

Legal Aid will be available if you are on benefits. If not then our fees are fixed and very reasonable.

Claimants, who are being investigated for benefits fraud and overpayments, will be expected to attend an interview with the Department for Work and Pensions.

Making sure the matter is handled properly at this early stage will, in some cases, avoid prosecution and result in a civil penalty being negotiated.

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We pride ourselves on having helped many of our clients challenge refusal of ESA benefit. If you have been refused benefit contact us now so that we can start to prepare your case.

It is best not to delay as obtaining all the evidence can take time. Call us now and speak to one of our experts

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Our expert solicitors have extensive experience representing claimants who have been refused DLA. We can prepare submissions and appear at the tribunal if you wish.

Doctors can take some time to prepare a report so the sooner you contact us the quicker your case will be ready

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